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Spanish Minimalist House Model with a Beautiful Exterior Design

A perfect minimalist house will have a perfect look if it is done in smart combination between the exterior and the interior. An example is given by this D&E House project that was done in Castellon, Spain, in the year of 2008. The designer is a Valencia-based studio called sanahuja and partners who combined concrete and glass together as the exterior. Sounds interesting? Here we go to check this out…

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Warmth Living Room White Sectional Sofa With Cushion Black Magazine Basket

Fantastic Minimalist Interior in Apartment

Decorate our interior design in home or apartment maybe you can use minimalist interior. As we know that minimalist design is a simple and very clean and we can get the practical way to organize our stuffs and we will get the advantage when we using minimalist decoration. Minimalist Interior in Livenza Related to this situation, when I saw the apartment design in Livenza Italy, the interior design used minimalist…

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