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Steel Structure Staircase With Wooden Step And Glass Guard Plus Steel Handrail

Tranquility Canadian House with Green Landscape

If you have a willingness to own a living space that is surrounded with the tranquility atmosphere you perhaps getting amazed with this stunning Canadian house. The Splyce Design has established the Geddes House on the space with 4,800 square foot in 2005. Situated in Vancouver, Canada, the house impresses us with its calming atmosphere. You may feel fresh always while being there since the lush forest landscape will spoil…

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Casa Night View Luxury Retreat House Design

Wonderful Exterior Views Surrounding a Modern House are Very Amazing

Exterior design of a house can be supported by exterior views surrounding the house to create a wonderful design of a house exterior design. There are some people choose a location nearing a wonderful landscape surrounding a house with a purpose to use the wonderful landscape as a good natural object in house exterior design that is different with others. A natural view created by natural landscape surrounding a house…

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