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Red Furniture For Interior Accent

Amazing Penthouse Loft Creates Beautiful Living Place

Truly this is an amazing penthouse loft that you would die to have it. Located in SoMa in SF, this penthouse is giving the luxury combining with rustic images. From a far you can see the Potrero Hill and Twin Peaks although you still can see the high buildings clanked this apartment. This is a perfect place to stay and hang out with family and friends since it has spacious…

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Glossy White Kitchen Countertop Minimalist Countertop Design Modern Loft Design

Spotless Spacious Loft by Creating More Storage

No body want the spacious loft in a mess condition, Messy loft is not always come from trash, but also from small items scattered everywhere. Let’s think how to make those items go back to their house just as shelves in modern way. Modern spacious loft is what will be the first criteria of this loft. White is the second criteria to choose when desiring clean house. Apply white on…

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